I have been to Okinawa trip only once in private.

I have been to Okinawa trip only once in private. I went to Naha on my 3 nights trip, but it packed quite a bit. We went around a lot. First of all, there was sief umaki, but it was very mysterious and wonderful. There were not a lot of tourists, too, it was very good I went to the Churaumi Aquarium, but the sea which can be seen from the outside of the aquarium was also very beautiful with emerald green. I also saw Shuri Castle, but I felt that the paint was being reworked and there was not much taste. But the thing that I was touched the most is the taste of Okinawa soba, I checked by the guide and it came down to about 3 shops, but everywhere was very tasty and tasty but it was delicious, but Okinawa soba was at the airport It was delicious to eat. I bought a cosmetic product by a duty - free shop on my way back. I ate Blue Seal ice cream for the first time in Okinawa but I treated it in plenty of places, but I ate red-potato taste but it was delicious, but it was pretty tight, but it was quite tight, but the schedule was pretty packed and it was a fun trip You did it.

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