When I say Okinawa, only foods come to mind.

When I say Okinawa, only foods come to mind. It was the most shocking that the chisu kotoba, go, champuru, rough tea and meals were completely different from the local. But one thing I can only say is that the food in Okinawa seems to have been good for every healthy food. The next day I ate some rough tea, it was nice feeling whether the skin was smooth. The goya champloo was eating here, it was just a bitter food, but the locals were such foods that their bitterness exquisitely felt accent. I felt like I was a little grown up in such a mood. As for Okinawa travel, I can not say it without cooking as well. I think that it was a good experience to eat what I never ate before going to Okinawa. But the whole thing is that we have a very good healthy food ingredients like stamina that can survive the hot summer, is not it? I can not forget the taste of sawdust baked in Okinawa. It has become a story of food from the beginning to the end.

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