I have been to Okinawa twice.

I have been to Okinawa twice. For the first time, travel alone. Vacation from tomorrow! On the day that I went to Okinawa travel brochure, I made a reservation saying ""I want to go to Okinawa tomorrow!"" To the next day, to Okinawa! Visit Shuri Castle and Tower of Himeyuri. Eat goya or mimic. Saucassoba was also delicious! in addition. The sea which I saw from Nakijin was beautiful. On the beach near Tamado-dong, I could also experience scuba diving. I also became friends with scuba colleagues. In Naha's Izakaya there was a person playing San - Sin, getting along well with the surrounding people naturally, drinking together. Exactly, Okinawa! The feeling atmosphere was nice. The atmosphere of a hamburger shop called A & W is also good. I love Okinawa! became. Three years later, I went to Okinawa with my friends. Enjoy the marine sports and go to the jazz bar. The atmosphere of Coco was also good. Now I want to go to Okinawa with my family! I think.

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